This policy, in addition to the Terms and Privacy Policy, governs the collection and use of information provided by persons that become Members of the League.  Membership is a privilege granted by the League at its sole discretion and may be revoked at any time in the League’s sole discretion.

In connection with using League Products and Services and becoming a Member, you will be providing Personal Information including name, address, contact information, emails, and payment information, among other information (referred to herein as “Member Information”). 


  1. Individual and Group Member Information Provided to the League by other Members. Members may choose to collect Member Information from you in connection with League Products and Services or carrying on League related activities (“Collecting Member”).  When you provide Personal and Member Information to Collecting Members, you acknowledge and agree that such Collecting Members will provide your information to the League.  After the League receives your information, your information will be treated as though provided directly to the League by you.  You expressly acknowledge and agree that the League may provide your information back to the Collecting Member, or to any Member that succeeds the original Collecting Member in responsibility for your group or a modified group of which your group becomes a part (“Successor Member”). 


  1. Individual Member Information Provided Directly to the League.  Information provided by Members directly to the League will be kept confidential by the League, will not be disclosed to any third party without your express consent, and will only be used by the League for the purposes set forth in the League’s Privacy Policy and this Policy. 


  1. Rights to Use and Maintain Member Information.  As a Member providing information to another Member, You expressly consent to the League’s receipt and use of your information to (i) send you offers and notices about League Products and Services; and (ii) organize and/or maintain your information as part of a collection useable by the League or your Collecting or Successor Member.  Regardless of how the League has come to obtain your information, you may request that we cancel your membership, delete your member information, or restrict access to your information, at any time.  The League will do so, except as otherwise provided in our Privacy Policy.  Such requests must be made to the League directly.  You acknowledge and agree that the League cannot be and is not responsible for the actions of other Members, including to the extent that other Members misuse your information.  You assume all risks associated with providing your information to another Member.


  1. Obligations of and Restrictions on Collecting and Successor Members. If you collect information from other persons for any purpose or activity relating to the League, or League Products and Services, you agree that you are a Collecting Member and will adhere to the Terms, the Privacy Policy and this Member Information Policy at all times.  Collecting Members are required to disclose the precise purposes for their collection and such purposes must include all purposes set forth in the Terms, Privacy Policy and this Member Information Policy, but Member consent to League use shall adhere even if a Collecting Member should fail to obtain consent directly.  Collecting Members acknowledge and agree that (i) as between the Collecting Member and the League, the League owns the rights to the Member Information collected, (ii) the League may refuse to collect all or any part of information submitted by such Collecting Member, (iii) the League may, in its sole discretion, determine not to provide a Collecting Member with the collection of Member Information submitted by a Collecting Member, and (iv) a Collecting Member may not use Member Information for any purpose other than placing orders with the League and shall not disclose Member Information to any person or entity other than the League.


  1. This Policy may be modified by the League and advance notice shall be provided on the League’s Site.  You as Members or Collecting Members agree to check the League’s Site regularly in order to receive notice and shall be deemed to agree to such modified Terms, Privacy Policy or Member Information Policy after notice is posted on the Site.