The National Mah Jongg League provides a number of valuable services to its members.

Answering Questions
We can answer any questions about Mah Jongg rules, specific hands and offer in resolving disputed games. If you have a question for the League's experts, write to us at the address provided to you on our Contact Us page. (please include a self-addressed stamped envelope). Or call us at 212 246 3052 and one of our Mahj experts will gladly answer your question.

Rescuing Mah Jongg Sets (from May to December)
If you have lost tiles from your set or have an older set that needs additional tiles, the League will make an attempt to obtain a match for your set. If you need a tile or tiles, send it to us, in an insulated bag (jiffy bag). Request the specific tiles needed, be it a Joker, Flower or Symbol. The League will obtain the nearest match to your set and substitute the new tile, putting a Joker, Flower or Symbol decal on your tile. This gives the best "mix" of tiles, since all tiles age somewhat differently.

The League will do its utmost to provide symbol tiles exactly as requested. Price is $10.00 per tile ($12.00 for bamboo), including postage. Please include check or money order with your request.

For information on how to use the League's services, visit the Services Page.

To order merchandise, visit our on-line Store.